February 1, 2012

Did Snoop Dogg Endorse Ron Paul On Facebook?

February 1, 2012
Ron Paul

Ron PaulDoes Snoop Dogg Plan On Voting For Ron Paul?

Musician Kelly Clarkson likes Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Actor Vince Vaughn and singer Barry Manilow like him too. In at least an indirect way, Snoop Dogg also likes Ron Paul. Media reports that go as far as saying that Snoop Dogg endorsed Ron Paul for United States President might be a bit of a stretch. All of the buzz was created by a picture that Snoop Dogg posted on his Facebook page. Or at least someone from his staff did. I highly doubt Snoop Dogg manages his own Facebook fan page. The picture is posted below:

ron paul snoop facebook

The caption of the photo reads “Because I said so.” According to ABC News, “Snoop Dogg’s quasi-endorsement of Paul is presumably because of the candidate’s maverick stance on marijuana and drug policy. During his years in the House of Representatives, Texan Paul has co-authored and signed multiple marijuana-friendly bills that pushed the drug’s decriminalization.” It’s possible that Snoop Dogg and/or his camp thought it was just a cool picture, and that in no way is it an endorsement of Ron Paul.

However, I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume Snoop Dogg’s PR reps don’t put stuff on Facebook without some though on the subject. If it was just a picture to be cool, than why wouldn’t he have put up the same text with someone else’s picture? I’m a big Ron Paul fan, but he’s not exactly at the top of my pop icon list. The public is forced to decide for themselves what this means, if anything. Assuming it is an endorsement of Ron Paul, is that significant?

I think regardless of if it’s an endorsement or not, there are at least two benefits to Snoop posting such a picture. Number one, it’s another reason (however big or small) for young adults to support Ron Paul’s campaign. I grew up as a huge fan of Snoop Dogg, and although I was already planning on voting for Ron Paul, a Snoop Dogg endorsement just further establishes my decision. The second thing that a Snoop Dogg endorsement would bring to the Ron Paul campaign is an endorsement from a non-white celebrity. Ron Paul has received a lot of flack for racist publications that were attributed to him. This would help distinguish that fire, at least a little bit.

What do TWB readers think? Is this a Snoop Dogg endorsement of Ron Paul? If not, why? If so, why? And if so, how significant would such an endorsement be?


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