Did Your Oregon Friends Vote For Marijuana Legalization Yet?


Many Oregonians have already received their voting ballots for the 2014 Election. If you have already voted, thank you for participating in democracy. For those of you that haven't voted, and have received ballots, please make sure to turn those in. Many political analysts have pointed out the importance of people between the ages of 18-34 turning out to vote for marijuana legalization if Oregon Measure 91 is going to win on Election Day. Well over 600,000 Oregonians have visited this blog at one point or another, and a vast majority of those visitors are in that age range.

marijuana election 2014

An overall higher voter turnout, of all ages, generally helps marijuana legalization efforts as well, so tell everyone you know in Oregon, please, please, PLEASE make sure to vote. In Oregon voting is much easier than other states. Get the ballot in the mail, fill it out, and then put it back in the mail or drop it off at any ballot collection site. No need to stand in line. One of the biggest reasons that I hear people offer up when ask why they didn't vote is 'I forgot.' If only there was a way to know if someone has voted or not, and if not, give them a gentle reminder....

Which brings me to the point of this article. There actually is a very easy way to see if someone in Oregon has voted or not. There's a website called DidTheyVote.Org which you can visit, punch in relevant info, and find out if your friend or family member has voted or not. If they have already voted, great, give them a high five and thank them for doing so. If they haven't voted yet, give them a gentle reminder to do so. Make sure to not be a bully about it; just a polite reminder will do.

There are various reasons why someone hasn't voted yet. Maybe they didn't get their ballot yet, or they are still pondering some of the measures and/or candidates, or some other reason. Make sure to be gentle with the reminder, because no one likes a pest, and if they were on the fence about voting prior, someone pestering will likely result in them avoiding Election Day altogether. Make sure to vote, and then make sure your family and friends voted too. Oregon Measure 91's passage is going to be tough, and every vote counts! Visit DidTheyVote.Org today. To find out more about Oregon Measure 91, go to this link here, and if you are able, make a donation!