Do You Have A 'Coming Out Green' Story?


For a really long time in my life I would be quick to offer up the story about the first time that I consumed cannabis. It was a story that I always found to be medium-ly interesting, and I was always curious to hear other peoples' stories about their first time consuming. I was particularly interested to know if people experienced the effects of cannabis the first time that they smoked. I didn't. It actually took me a few times of consumption when I was younger before I felt the fantastic euphoria that came along with consuming quality cannabis. It was an experience that I'll never forget.

coming out green

Cannabis stories are powerful. People that oppose cannabis, or are on the fence about cannabis consumption, often times don't have a familiar face to association with their opposition. They will have images of people on television, or from some other type of media, but rarely do they associate cannabis with someone that they know. That's why stories are powerful. I bet most cannabis opponents know someone that consumes cannabis, they just don't know it. Chances are those people are scared to admit that they consume cannabis out of fear of being judged and 'stoner shamed.'

More and more people are 'coming out green.' Green Flower Media put together a very successful campaign about a year ago that has been very effective at changing minds. Hardworking, responsible people consume cannabis. These people are very successful, and contribute positively to society on a daily basis. The more of them that come out, and make it known that they are good people and that they shouldn't be 'stoner shamed' for deciding to consume cannabis, the closer we as a society get to ending cannabis prohibition.

Do you have a 'coming out green' story? If so, I encourage you to share it. It can seem scary and awkward, especially in states that have very outdated cannabis laws. But that bravery will not go unrewarded, as you will be helping do your part to make the world a better place by putting a face to cannabis prohibition. It's easy for opponents to hurl judgment and allegations at 'someone.' It's much more difficult to do it to someone that they call friend or family.