June 12, 2010

Does the California Marijuana Initiative Really Bring Legalization

June 12, 2010

As many of you know, I spend every day reading marijuana blogs and articles. I have seen a growing trend in the marijuana movement; people are speaking out against the California Control and Tax Cannabis initiative California Control and Tax Cannabis. I’m not talking about ‘the other side.’ I’m talking about marijuana consumers themselves; pro-marijuana activists that feel that the initiative isn’t really legalization. Here is a quote that I recently came across:

“I think people are going to make a mistake if they vote for this…If they think they’re voting for legalization, they’re not. They voted for restriction of marijuana.” Before you brush this comment aside, you must realize who said it. The quote is from Dennis Peron, do you recognize that name? You should, because he is the guy that authored Prop 215 in California, and is considered by many to be the ‘godfather of medical marijuana.’ I’m going to be honest, I don’t agree with Mr. Peron.

I am willing to admit that the California initiative is not a blanket legalization act. There will still be limits on the square footage of cultivation space allowed, and there will be a possession limit. But isn’t that still better than the current limits of ZERO? As it stands right now, marijuana possession is a crime in California, and cultivation of marijuana is even worse in the eyes of the law (non-medical of course). If this initiative became law, it wouldn’t provide unlimited protection, but it would allow MORE protection than there is now. Isn’t that worth it? I know if I were a California resident, I would much prefer SOME legalization, instead of NO LEGALIZATION, which is what California has now. Do any TWB readers agree? Feel free to sound off if you don’t!


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