October 29, 2015

Donald Trump Asked If He Supports Marijuana Legalization On Recent Campaign Stop

October 29, 2015
donald trump marijuana

Many in the marijuana world got what they wanted yesterday when Bernie Sanders finally came out officially with his support for marijuana legalization. Prior to yesterday’s announcement, Bernie had been asked about Nevada’s marijuana legalization initiative and he said he would support it, and has made other comments in support of reform, but until yesterday he didn’t make it a point to express his support for ending federal marijuana prohibition. Bernie Sanders also announced that he would be introducing a bill soon that would end prohibition at the federal level and leave the issue up to the states.

Today, former GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump was asked how he felt about marijuana legalization. Donald Trump largely echoed what Bernie Sanders said the day previously, but with a kind of backhanded comment about problems existing in Colorado due to legalization there. Trump has made similar comments in the past at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference in regards to ‘big problems’ in Colorado. I don’t know that he’s ever specified what those problems are, but to be fair, I don’t know that anyone from the media has asked him. This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has said these things before as far as support for states’ rights, and especially medical marijuana, but never this strongly. Below is exactly what Donald Trump said today, via YouTube (thanks to Tom Angell for tweeting about this!):


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