Donate To Jeff Mizanskey's Coming Home Fund


Jeff Mizanskey was freed from prison today after serving over 21 years in a Missouri prison for non-violent marijuana only offenses. He has served a long, long time due to marijuana prohibition, and there is a crowd funding effort dedicated to helping him get back on his feet now that he is free. I hope that all TWB readers can make a donation, which can be done at this link. Below is more information, via the GoFundMe page:

travis maurer jeff mizanskey

On Friday, May 22nd, MO Governor Jay Nixon commuted Jeff Mizanskey's sentence to allow him to be paroled for his marijuana-only offenses. This is a big victory for our family! We have created this account to assist Jeff in the likelihood he will soon be coming home. Jeff has been gone for 22 years and will need a lot of support to help him with his transition. He is re-entering a very different world from the one he left, and will be looking for work, housing, transportation, etc. Anyone who would like to be a part of helping Jeff get on his feet may donate here.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated in support of Jeff's freedom, and to all who are willing to help him through his next phase.


Family of Jeff Mizanskey