December 1, 2015

Donate To Marijuana Majority On Giving Tuesday 2015

December 1, 2015
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Are you a part of the marijuana majority?’ That’s a question that I have asked a lot since the Marijuana Majority organization was founded. The Marijuana Majority was founded by one of the hardest working activists that you will ever meet, Tom Angell. Tom Angell is a public policy force. I have many, many nicknames for Tom Angell that I have used over the years, and they are all applicable in some way.

Tom Angell and the Marijuana Majority never cease to amaze me. The most recent thing that comes to mind is a petition that Marijuana Majority created and promoted, which was signed by a ton of people (130,983 as of the posting of this article. Sign it here if you haven’t already). The petition called for the termination of employment for the head of the DEA, Chuck Rosenberg. Chuck Rosenberg made some horrible comments about medical marijuana, referring to medical marijuana as ‘a joke.’ Below is a video of Marijuana Majority delivering over 100,000 signatures of the petition to DEA headquarters:

On Giving Tuesday, donate to Marijuana Majority so that they can continue to do things like putting pressure on the President of the United States to fire the highest ranking member of the DEA. That’s a very impressive effort. Imagine what else Tom Angell and Marijuana Majority could do with more resources? Hopefully TWB readers can help with finding out! You can donate at this link here.


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