June 5, 2013

Donate To The Moms For Marijuana CPS Compassion Fund

June 5, 2013
dea kids children medical marijuana

dea kids children medical marijuana cpsNo parent should have their children taken away, simply because they use cannabis. If someone is a responsible parent and responsible cannabis user (recreational or medical) they shouldn’t have to go through the hell of dealing with child protective services (CPS). Please consider donating to the Mom’s for Marijuana CPS Compassion Fund. I have seen some of my friends go through this, and it is one of the biggest nightmares that can ever happen to a parent. See more information below:

Moms for Marijuana often receives requests for help with Child Protection Services/Family Services matters regarding Marijuana using parents. As we are not attorneys, we cannot provide legal assistance in these matters and must refer these types of cases to local attorneys that specialize in family law. Sometimes the cost of retaining these attorneys is overwhelming and not within a normal family’s budget.

Recently we held a campaign to help 3 Idaho parents and fellow activists, Sarah Caldwell, Lindsey Rinehart and Josh Rinehart. Read all about that here:


Thanks to the generosity and compassion of the cannabis community, we raised $6500 (in a matter of days) for our Idaho 3, attorneys were retained and their children are back in their loving homes. This has inspired us to continue to help families who are being ripped apart by the war on cannabis.To do that, we have set up a compassion fund to raise money and help donate towards some of the legal costs that these parents must face.

If you can donate anything to help re-unite parents with their children and provide hope during some of the darkest hours of this war against families, please do! Every dollar helps assist these families and show them that they are not alone. Thank you for your Compassion!


Checks and Money Orders can be sent to Moms for Marijuana International, 1814 S. Latah St., Boise, Idaho, 83705 – please note in the memo that your donation is for Mom’s CPS Compassion Fund.

Donations are used specifically to help retain attorneys on a case by case basis. For more information, please email [email protected]

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