August 24, 2012

Donate To The NORML Auction

August 24, 2012
White House Threatened To Crack Down On Legal Marijuana

normlHelp Marijuana Reform By Donating An Item To The NORML Auction

By Allen St. Pierre, NORML

Want to help NORML’s pro-cannabis law reform efforts?

Whether or not you’re planning on attending the upcoming 41st annual NORML conference in Los Angeles, a donation for NORML’s auction is a unique way to directly help the organization’s longstanding public advocacy for cannabis law reforms, politically organizing cannabis consumers and helping the victims of prohibition laws.

NORML is looking for broadly marijuana-related items or NORML-related psychedelia to feature at the popular NORML/High Times Not-So-Silent Auction, Thursday October 4, 2012 at NORML Conference in Los Angeles.

Wanted: Unique photos, sculptures, cannabis videos, books, magazines, trading cards, original cannabis-centric artwork, paintings, posters, prints, toys, games, art created from hemp, glass items, cannabis and hemp-related antiques.

High value items such as vacation homes and fancy cars are the best fundraisers! Do you or your company offer a cannabis-related craft, product or service? Are you a published author? Send us a signed copy of your book!

These are just a few suggestions.

The High Times/NORML 2012 Not-So-Silent Art and Memorabilia Auction is just one more great reason to attend this year’s conference in Los Angeles.

doonesbury marijuana

Last year at conference, a Garry Trudeau original ‘Doonesbury’ cartoon raised $2500! Other past items include a signed Martin guitar that raised $700 for the NORML Foundation. A few years before that, an artist donated a unique art piece that was comprised of over 1,000 cannabis cigarette butts (aka ‘roaches’).

Question: Where else can a cannabis enthusiast discover and bid on such? Items like:

  • One week stay in southern France (Armissan)
  • Judges passes to the High Times’ Cannabis Cup Awards in Amsterdam
  • Cannabis-n-politics ephemera
  • Classic NORML (and cannabis-related) apparel

Answer: Only at NORML’s annual national conference!

Help us make the 2012 NORML conference another success for education, liberation and community building on the way to ending cannabis prohibition in America. Please donate To High Times/NORML auction today by contacting:

Thank you in advance!


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