October 10, 2013

Don’t Let The DEA Stand In The Way Of Marijuana Legalization

October 10, 2013
dea emails marijuana

dea marijuana legalizationBy Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

We’re making huge strides in changing drug policy throughout the nation, but the Drug Enforcement Administration is fighting to maintain the status quo. When Colorado and Washington passed their marijuana legalization laws last year, ex-DEA chiefs launched a campaign to keep marijuana illegal and they’re pushing the White House to block the will of the voters.

Donate now to protect our marijuana legalization victories from the DEA. Your gift will help us reach our goal of $10,000 by Thursday, October 17, to fight our opposition.

The DEA embodies more than 40 years of failed drug policy and stands for everything you and I are fighting against. It wastes our money going after marijuana distributors operating legally under state law. It abuses its power to block medical marijuana research and peddles propaganda about marijuana and other drugs. It’s an anti-science, anti-public health agency that gives federal police agents authority over substances that should be in the hands of doctors and scientists.

And that’s not all! It undermines state medical marijuana laws with militarized raids that have killed innocent people. It aggressively intimidates doctors at the cutting edge of pain management. And now we know that the DEA violates our civil liberties by illegally using NSA and CIA intelligence to spy on and arrest Americans for drugs.

Despite its systematic corruption and failure, it has largely escaped the scrutiny of politicians and the public. And even during the government shutdown, the DEA is still being funded as an “essential” use of taxpayer money.

The DEA must be reined in. That’s why the Drug Policy Alliance is leading a campaign to hold the DEA accountable. You can help us rein in the DEA by donating today.

Your gift will help us fight the DEA on every front. We’re working with members of Congress on several bills that would protect marijuana legalization laws from interference by the DEA. We’ve joined with more than 100 other groups to pressure Congress to hold hearings on the DEA to investigate its abusive enforcement practices. We’re educating the public, winning new allies, and planning to issue a series of hard-hitting reports. And we’re doing everything we can to cut the DEA’s bloated and wasteful budget.

For too long the DEA has been the major force powering the failed war on drugs, but it will not merely abandon its disastrous tactics and inflated position of power. Don’t let 40 more years go by: donate now to help us take down the DEA. 


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