December 27, 2012

Double Your Impact When You Make A Donation To The Drug Policy Alliance

December 27, 2012

drug policy alliance ethan nadelmannBy Ethan Nadelmann, Drug Policy Alliance

Thanks to you, we won incredible victories this year.

Colorado and Washington made history by becoming the first places anywhere in the world to approve marijuana legalization. Californians reformed their notorious “three strikes” law so that no more Californians will be sentenced to life in prison for minor and nonviolent drug law violations. And we helped pass Good Samaritan laws in five states and the District of Columbia so that people who witness an overdose can call 911 without fear of arrest.

But these groundbreaking successes are just the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition and the larger war on drugs. The stakes are higher than ever and our work is far from over.

You can help bring our wins home by making a tax-deductible donation and your gift will be doubled by an anonymous donor until we reach $100,000.

Our victories mark the start of a new political struggle in which we need to protect and build upon our wins. Your donation will help us:

  • Ensure effective implementation of the new marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington by working closely with our allies and elected officials on the ground, taking on legal battles, and pressuring the Obama administration, Department of Justice and Congress to give the states the room they need to succeed.
  • Partner with local allies to get new drug policy reform initiatives on the ballot in upcoming election cycles and work to pass sensible, forward-looking legislation in state legislatures.
  • Fight to reduce marijuana arrests in states that have yet to legally regulate it.
  • Build our political movement to pressure politicians to abandon the drug war and replace it with policies grounded in science, compassion, fiscal prudence and human rights.

We can win these battles. But we can’t do it without your help. And the time to prepare is now.

The Drug Policy Alliance is leading the struggle — in the halls of power, online, and in the streets — to end the war on drugs. This is just the beginning. And the whole world is watching. Will you stand with us at this critical moment in history? 


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