December 4, 2015

End Prohibition Toy And Canned Food Drive Tomorrow In Idaho

December 4, 2015
daho Shop Plans to Sell CBD Products

marijuana cannabis idaho threeTomorrow there is a great event in Idaho. Participate if you are in the area. Below is more information, via the event’s Facebook page:

Please join us as we rally with protest signs, collect signatures for New Approach Idaho’s Medical Marijuana/Decriminalization/Industrial Hemp petition, as well as collect new, unwrapped, toys to donate to Idaho’s Toys for Tots program, and canned food for the Idaho Food Bank.

Help bring a smile to a child’s face this Christmas, while supporting the reform of local Marijuana laws and ending Cannabis Prohibition. Bring a protest sign, a new toy, and a smile and come tell the Christmas shoppers what you think about Marijuana Prohibition in Idaho!

**Eagle & Fairview is the busiest intersection in the Valley.
For their safety, please try to leave young children at home. Dress Warmly & Don’t Forget the Gloves!

WHY RALLY TO END PROHIBITION? On December 5th, 1933, the United States repealed Alcohol Prohibition due to black market violence and other harms caused by the creation of laws that make criminals out of consumers.

Pauline Sabin, a mother, saw the danger to her family from such ignorant continuation of illogical laws. She led the fight for the repeal of Alcohol Prohibition, stating that “in pre-prohibition days, mothers had little fear in regard to the saloon as far as their children were concerned. A saloon-keeper’s license was revoked if he were caught selling liquor to minors. Today in any speakeasy in the United States you can find boys and girls in their teens drinking liquor, and this situation has become so acute that the mothers of the country feel something must be done to protect their children.”

Mother’s today face the same concerns over the prohibition of Marijuana. Drug Dealer’s often have little disregard for the age of their buyer and do not check ID. The black market also creates opportunities for our children to access even more dangerous drugs, as well as other criminal activity and influences.

In honor of Paul Sabin’s courage to reduce the harm of Alcohol Prohibition, and as a demand for the end of Cannabis Prohibition, we will gather on the corner of Eagle/Fairview in Meridian to use our voices in protest of Idaho’s archaic laws.

When: Saturday, December 5 at 12:00pm in MST

Where: Meridian Crossroads Mall Meridian, Idaho 83642


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