June 6, 2015

Expunge Marijuana Convictions In Oregon – Action Needed

June 6, 2015
new approach oregon marijuana legalization

new approach oregon marijuana legalizationI received the following call to action from New Approach Oregon:

Dear Johnny,

Finally. A bill to expunge obsolete marijuana convictions is on the verge of being voted on in Salem.

Volunteer to help us get this bill passed

5:30 p.m. at The Bus Project, 333 Southeast 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97214

Measure 91 was a great victory, but I think we can all agree that expunging criminal records was something we truly wanted to do. Now, we can make that a reality. This is our moment to change lives and make history. All we need to do is show Oregon lawmakers that they have our support.

Unfortunately, lobbyists in Salem are working almost every day to stop this bill and dismantle marijuana legalization. A newspaper that supports prohibition is also going out of its way to help the opposition, and our opponents have introduced another bill that would in effect overturn major parts of Measure 91 — making it easier for cities and counties to opt out of a law that Oregon voters approved by a 14-point margin.

Now is go-time. Please sign up to help us. The legislative session is almost at an end, and we can’t win this without more help. On Thursday we’ll be calling lawmakers, talking to the media and doing everything we can win sensible drug policies and protect the marijuana legalization law we have worked so hard to pass.

Thank you.

Dominic, Organizer, New Approach Oregon, 503-914-8348

PS. If you can’t make it Thursday, please sign our petition and get your friends to sign it, too.


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