September 11, 2012

Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Comes To Michigan To Lobby Against Anti-Marijuana Legislation

September 11, 2012
michigan medical marijuana town hall

michigan marijuanaFederal Medical Marijuana Patient Irv Rosenfeld comes to Michigan to Lobby Lansing

Irv Rosenfeld is coming to Michigan to lobby in Lansing against the House Bills that are pending in the Senate and he will be in Dearborn Heights Speaking this Thursday! This is the perfect opportunity for our local officials to hear and learn how the Federal Government has regulated their medical marijuana patients when it comes to driving under the use of marijuana, transporting and what they consider the proper amount necessary for a patients to have uninterrupted supply of their medicine.  These are key issues we face in the upcoming House Bills.

Irvin Rosenfeld is one of only 4 medical marijuana patients in the country that receives cannabis legally from the federal government. Irv will be in Dearborn Heights for a speaking engagement and book signing on Thurs., Sep. 13 at the Donovan’s VFW Hall in Dearborn Heights at 7:00pm. We extend an invitation to everyone at every level to hear Irv speak his experience although seating is limited to 250.Irv is a 59 year-old successful stockbroker from south Florida.  Irv smokes the marijuana to relieve chronic pain and muscle spasms caused by a rare bone disease. When he was 10, doctors discovered that his skeleton was riddled with more than 200 tumors, due to a condition known as multiple congenital cartilaginous exostosis. Despite six operations, he still lives with scores of tumors in his bones.After a long struggle with the federal government, Irv Rosenfeld won the right to access medical marijuana in 1982. Thirteen people with debilitating conditions were allowed into the Compassionate Investigative New Drug (IND) program to receive government-grown marijuana. The Federal Government ended this program in 1992 but to this day, still continues to provide Canisters of marijuana to the four existing patients in the program.

Irv’s book is called My Medicine: How I Convinced the Federal Government to Provide My Marijuana and Helped Launch a National Movement. The book will be available for purchase and will be autographed by the author.

Irv RosenfeldIrvin Rosenfeld Talk and Book Signing
Downriver Community Compassion Club
– North Downriver Meeting
Donovan’s VFW Hall
25620 Van Born Rd, Dearborn Heights, MI
Thursday, Sep. 13, 2012
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Talk: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Book Signing: 8:30pm to 9:30pm

The admission is $5 which can be put towards the purchase of the book and is open to the public. The book makes a great Holiday Gift for the patient or advocate on your list. Please visit for more info.


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