Field Poll: California Voters Say No To Crackdown On Marijuana


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California Issues Proposed Medical Marijuana Licensing Rules

"The voters of CA have an exceptional degree of agreement on this issue-- it is very rare that 67% of Californians agree on anything."  ~ Steve DeAngelo

Oakland, California ~ The Field Poll, an independent and non partisan survey of public opinion, established in 1947, released new numbers on California voters' opinions about cannabis in the state.

Significant in this poll, released yesterday, is that the poll finds greater than seven in ten voters (72%) backing the state's existing medical cannabis law.  Two in three (67%) oppose federal government efforts to crack down on California's medical cannabis dispensaries.  A 58% majority of voters also say they would favor allowing dispensaries to operate in the city or town where they live.

Executive Director Steve DeAngelo, who founded the nation's gold standard medical cannabis dispensary Harborside Health Center states,  "The Field Poll results demonstrate once again that California voters still support the medical cannabis law they enacted in 1996--and even the most conservative regions of our state oppose federal efforts to undermine that law. These results also send a strong signal to politicians: Embracing cannabis law reform will not cost you any votes, but opposing it will. It is time for the elected officials of our state to do the right thing---and the smart thing--and take strong and public steps to oppose the ongoing federal efforts to destroy California's medical cannabis law."

A 54% to 43% majority of California voters now support legalizing the sale of cannabis with age and other controls like those applicable to alcohol.  This represents a continuing increase in the proportion of voters favoring legalization and is the highest level of support observed by The Field Poll since it began measuring California public opinion on this issue over forty years ago.

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