June 21, 2010

First Licensed Medical Marijuana Delivery System In Nation Approved

June 21, 2010
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Fairfax, CA ( Marin County) : On Thursday night June 17th ,the Fairfax Planning Commission voted to approve Lynnette Shaw’s plan for one of the first licensed and regulated medical cannabis delivery system in the nation.

“I am so relieved and happy” Shaw said, tears streaming down her face. “Everyone worked very hard to help update and modernize my historical permit. Fairfax has now also set the standard to regulate safe medical cannabis delivery to homes of qualified members who cannot travel to our licensed facility. I am very proud of our Town and feel honored for all the support we have.”

The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana has been licensed to distribute medical marijuana since 1997. Shaw held the only permit to do so in California for almost ten years, until other municipalities started to regulate the not-for-profit sales of medical cannabis. There have been very few problems over the 13 years the Marin Alliance has been open, and not a single violation of her lengthy list of conditions.Shaw also submitted and received several other modifications to her permit that loosened up many of the very strict rules she has been required to enforce under the threat of losing her permit if one violation occurred.

“It has been very hard to enforce all those conditions, but we did. Some people got very angry when we could never make any exceptions for anyone. We started off with 84 rules, later modified to 72, and now it’s 63 conditions. There were several more outdated rules that were removed, but the delivery regulations increased it back up to 63. I hope that the patients will find it easier now, with less rules to follow” Shaw stated.

It will be interesting to see if more and more “deliver to your door” operations such as this start sprouting up now that this one has been officially approved.


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