December 11, 2012

Fourteen Ways To Get Involved With NORML Of North Carolina

December 11, 2012
north carolina marijuana penalties reduced

north carolina marijuanaGet Active In North Carolina And Help Make Marijuana Reform A Reality

If there is anywhere in the country that needs marijuana reform, it’s North Carolina. With medical marijuana and recreational marijuana reform sweeping the nation, now is as good a time as any so get off your rump and get active! Below are ways that you can get involved with NORML of North Carolina:

NORML of North Carolina wants marijuana legalized, and we need your help.

New laws require coordinated effort. The marijuana legalization movement is no different. That’s where NORML comes in. NORML is a grass roots organization that depends on small groups of people working together toward a common goal of statewide marijuana legalization. We are all citizens who simply care about the issue enough to donate our time, energy and creativity. Are you one too?

So why does this issue matter?

For some of us it’s an economic issue. We feel it is better to tax and regulate marijuana into a source of government revenue, instead of spending money arresting and imprisoning otherwise law abiding citizens.

For others it’s civil rights issue. It is simply unacceptable to allow the government to arrest and imprison almost 800,000 citizens every year for possessing a non-toxic plant.

Others know first hand that marijuana is medicine. It has a wide-range of applications. For instance, the National Cancer Institute now acknowledges that marijuana kills cancer cells.

And there’s a reason that many understand but few discuss. For those who ingest marijuana regularly – for whatever reason – many have noticed it increases personal insight, serenity, sensitivity and overall kind-heartedness towards fellow humans. All traits that surely we can agree should be valued in a healthy society.

So if we all agree the war on drugs has failed, what’s the next step?

There are several levels of activism that most everyone reading this blog is capable of. To what extent a person gets involved is a function of

  • how much time the potential activist is willing to commit
  • the importance of marijuana legalization personally
  • the willingness to be diligent in NORML’s continuous effort to win over the public and state legislators.

The least anyone can do to help the cause is:

Some other ways to support NORML in North Carolina are:

  1. Join NC NORML for 1 year (includes 1 year membership to National NORML and discounts at supporting businesses)
  2. Donate to NC NORML or buy NC NORML merchandise
  3. Know your State Representative and Senator.
  4. Know their positions on marijuana legalization
  5. Write Your Congress members (state) and ask them to support marijuana legalization (mention the pending House Bills by name)
  6. Sign a NORML Lowest Law Enforcement Petition (LLEP) for your city or county
  7. Sign a General Assembly Petition showing your support for marijuana legalization across the state
  8. Talk to your friends & family about marijuana with objectivity and compassion
  9. Attend local NORML meetings
  10. Start local or campus chapter (if one doesn’t exist near you)
  11. Canvass neighborhoods to solicit members, donations and signatures
  12. Volunteer for a pro-marijuana phone bank
  13. Sell your hobby on behalf of NORML
  14. Volunteer & Work in one of NORML’s many ongoing volunteer positions from now until full legalization

For the first time a majority of Americans support marijuana legalization. The numbers are on our side. Now we just have to organize and make our voices heard. We are no longer a minority.

Changing laws is a group effort that may feel like work at times. It is work. All North Carolina needs is enough willing workers to push these new laws across the finish line.

Are you willing to be one of them? We hope so.

Email us at [email protected]
Call us at 828.419.0768


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