February 17, 2015

‘Free Jeff Mizanskey’ Video Highlights Man Serving Life Sentence For Marijuana

February 17, 2015
jeff mizanskey marijuana billboard missouri

The story of Jeff Mizanskey is heartbreaking. Jeff has been sitting in a prison cell for over twenty years for marijuana only offenses. To make matters worse, the twenty years he has already served is just a portion of a life sentence. That’s right, a life sentence for marijuana only offenses. Not for violent offenses, not for sexual offenses – marijuana only offenses. Missouri’s Governor has recently stated that he will review Mr. Mizanskey’s case before he leaves office, but that means a review could still take a couple of years. That’s unacceptable.

Jeff Mizanskey needs to be freed now. He has served far more time in prison than he ever should have. No one should sit even one day in a prison cell for marijuana, let alone more than twenty years. The hardworking people at the Show-Me Cannabis campaign have been fighting very hard for Jeff Mizanskey’s release. Below is a video that they created highlighting Jeff Mizanskey. I want to give a special shout out to Spencer Pearson for posting the video to YouTube. Spencer and another hardworking activist Laurien Rose have a podcast called ‘Bowl After Bowl.’ You should check it out if you are into podcasts and support these hardworking activists in Missouri:


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