November 3, 2012

Gary Johnson And Others Talk About Their Support Of Washington Initiative 502

November 3, 2012
yes on i-502

Yes On Washington I-502 Video

Washington Initiative 502 (I-502) “on marijuana reform” is an initiative to the Washington State Legislature, scheduled to appear on the November 2012 general ballot. Originally submitted to the Washington Secretary of State during the summer of 2011, enough signatures were collected and submitted by December to meet the required 241,153 signatures, sending it to the legislature. When the legislature adjourned without action in April, Initiative 502 automatically advanced to the November 2012 general ballot.

If passed, it would define and distinguish marijuana from other parts of the cannabis plant, legalize small amounts of marijuana-related products for most adults, tax them, and designate the revenue for healthcare, substance-abuse prevention and education. Cannabis would still be classified as a schedule I controlled substance under federal law and subject to federal prosecution under the doctrine of dual sovereignty. Possession by anyone younger than 21, possession of larger amounts, and the growing of unlicensed or unregulated marijuana would remain illegal under state law.


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