March 30, 2013

Get Your Marijuana Picture In Jorge Cervantes’ Next Book

March 30, 2013
jorge cervantes marijuana growing green house

jorge cervantes marijuana book photosI saw the following message posted on Jorge Cervantes’ forum, and figured it was worth passing along. If I had better picture skills I would be all over a once in a lifetime opportunity like this:

So far I have chosen and placed about 1500 fotos for the new book. There are more than 200 fotos needed. I´m working with several professional photographers and have sent them the list. I am also posting it here in hopes of acquiring fotos from forum members.

The fotos must be perfect! perfect focus, perfect angle, perfect lighting, etc. And they must be at least one MB in size, preferably bigger.

please submit small fotos to this forum and I will select from the list.

Please state below the foto you post the corresponding entry from the “Foto List 29 March 2013” below. It is very important to identify fotos in relation to the list below.

I´m looking forward to seeing some great fotos!



PS everybody who contributes to the book will find their name in the “Credits” section in the front of the book!

Foto List 29 March 2013
ME 00 Front and Back Covers
Front cover foto
Back cover foto
Back cover foto
Back cover foto

ME Ch 0D Foreword
Foto about 4 total fotos and drawings
Foto about 4 total fotos and drawings
Foto about 4 total fotos and drawings
Foto about 4 total fotos and drawings

Ch 03a Medical Cannabis Varieties
Foto Cannabis Ruderalis
Foto cannabis afghanica
Foto feminized cannabis
Foto feminized cannabis
Foto Cannatonic
Foto Auto-flower Variety

Fotos Needed ME Ch 02 Seeds
Foto of cannabis sativa
Foto of cannabis indica
Foto of cannabis ruderalis
Foto Ruderalis Cross
Foto screen capture of dispensary maps in CA
Foto of spraying plant with ethylene

Fotos Needed ME CH 03 Vegetative
Foto of pruned plant
Foto of over-pruned plant

Fotos Needed ME Ch 04 Clones
Foto Disinfect – cleaning with bleach
Foto clone root ball with clone attached
Foto of clone just cut and wrapped in wet paper towel

Fotos Needed ME Ch 05 Flowering
Foto of auto-flowering plants
FOTO: (stigmas, white, pink, red, micrograph stigma, Seed in bract with perianth, seed with perianth)
FOTO: (hand with bud, hand with seeds from bud) Rusty stigmas
Foto cannabis ruderalis flowering

Fotos Needed ME Ch 06 Harvest
Foto washing buds with H202
Foto of swollen bracts
Foto of bulbous glands
Foto of sessile glands
Foto of indica short stout resin glands
Foto of indica variety
Foto of ruderalis
Foto soaking buds in H2O2
Foto buds removed from branches
Foto today’s date on container
Foto of blue light safe jars
Foto packing buds into a container
Foto squeezing buds
Foto opening container and sniffing
Foto of calendar marked for 1 week and etc.
Foto of cured buds
Foto seal a meal

Fotos Needed Ch 07 Graden Rooms
Foto of garden closet divided into two rooms
Foto of a bulb just starting up

Fotos Needed ME Ch 08 Greenhouses
Foto benches in greenhouse

ME Ch 10 Case Studies
Foto Need fotos from many gardens from my website

Fotos Needed for ME Ch 11 Preserving the Sanctuary
Foto of internet terminal good security site
Foto of police informant
Foto of mini helicopter

Fotos Needed ME Ch 12 Meters
Foto of a table full of meters with Jorge in the background
Foto – Holding up refractometer to sun, LED reading and sample in big refractometer, grinding sample for testing

Fotos Needed ME Ch 13 Air
Foto infrared heater
Foto of CO2 difference in plants – side by side comparison
Foto of CO2 generator flame – show several flames and the pilot light

Fotos Needed ME Ch 14 Light
Foto of PAR light meter
Foto indica plant
Foto ruderalis plant
Foto of sativa cannabis flowering
Foto of conversion bulbs
Foto Fluorescent sockets
FOTO NEED Plasma Lamp – buy downtown
Foto of several LED fixtures inside that show circuitry
Foto of 1-watt, 2-watt and 3-watt bulbs
Foto of burned out LED bulb
Fotos of different fixtures that cost different amounts
Foto of LED bulbs next to one another showing brilliance
Foto of different spectrums produced by LEDS
Foto of LEDs inside an incandescent-like bulb
Foto of LED tubes
Foto of many plants huddled under an HID

Fotos Needed ME Ch 15 Soil
Foto of agricultural lime
Foto mushroom compost

Foto Needed ME Ch 16 Containers
Foto of camouflaged container

Fotos Needed ME Ch 17 Water
Foto of water softening machine/setup
Foto of pH Up
Foto of catching runoff from plants
Foto ME Ch 17 Water _MG_4202 = DUPE?? Yes with Chapter 07 Garden Rooms??

Fotos Needed ME Ch 18 Nutrients
Foto of a healthy plant
Foto of a nice healthy bud, plant or garden
Foto of calcium deficiency – Cannot find a descent foto!
Foto of chelated iron / micronutrients
Foto of boron deficiency
Foto of glass of chlorinated water (foggy)
Foto of manganese deficiency
ME Ch 18 Molybdenum Def DSC00884 Geary Is this foto correct????
Foto of Brix Mix
Foto of a pair of plants. one strong one weak
Foto of foliar feeding
Foto close up of leaf showing waxy cystolith hairs
Foto of loose buds
Foto of weighing plants
Foto of catching runoff from plants
Foto nutrient solution
Foto seabird guano
Foto of making compost

Fotos Needed ME Ch 19 Container Hydro
Foto inside of an aeroponic clone machine
Foto close up of roots in an aeroponic clone machine
Foto of DWC garden – I do not like this foto needs to change??
Foto of adding water to a system to top off
Fotos of NFT garden
Foto hydro-organic nutrients
Foto of dirty reservoir
Foto of humic acid
Foto DFT garden on a wall
Fotos of flood garden
Foto of aquaponics book
Foto taking pH test
Foto taking pH test in growing medium
Foto taking pH test in runoff
Foto of DO meter test
Fotos of coco close up
Fotos of coco pressed, loose, in plastic slabs
Foto of perlite close up
Foto of vermiculite close up
Foto of scrubbing walls or garden bed, etc. with a sponge/rag and a container of bleach alongside

Fotos Needed ME Ch 20 Diseases Pests
Foto of a healthy indoor garden
Foto of virus infected plant
Foto of root aphid damage
Foto of beetle
Foto of broad mite damage
Foto of termite or termite damage
Foto rabbit
Foto of Shuttle
Foto of Bt
Foto of one of Beauveria Bassiana
Foto of horticultural oil
Foto of Physan20R
Foto of pesticide with all quassia, rotenone, ryana sabadilla
Foto of RootGuard or something similar

Fotos Needed ME Ch 21 Breeding
Foto close up of male flower
Foto close up of female flower
Foto of an heirloom variety – Hemp??
Foto phenotype
Foto genotype
Foto of inbred line of cannabis
Foto of different F1 hybrid varieties
Foto of F1 hybrid varieties
Foto of plant with dominant traits 01
Foto of plant with dominant traits 02
Foto of simple cross of a stable plant
Foto of male plant dispersing pollen into the wind
Foto of receptive female stigmas on plant that have been pollinated
Foto of simple cross of a stable plant
Foto of male plant
Foto of different male plant
Foto JIM of pollen on small aluminum foil
Foto storing harvested seed

Fotos Needed ME Ch 22 Concentrates
Foto of placing cannabis in freezer
Foto of kief
Foto magnified of different microns of screens
Foto of Mila
Foto of placing paper bag full of leaf in freezer
Foto of dry ice hash
Foto putting dry ice into a container
Foto putting cannabis into a container
Foto of man with hash necklace
Foto of hammering hash
Foto of honey oil
Foto of butane hash oil
Foto – Rick Simpson portrait or a dark green cannabis oil in a tube
Foto bottle of fingernail polish remover
Foto of the Green Dragon
Foto of jar in warm window in sunlight

Fotos Needed ME Ch 23 Cooking
Foto big seeds from China
Foto double boiler
Foto raw cannabis
Foto Juicing raw cannabis
Foto cannabis hemp seeds
Foto storing cannabis
Foto cannabis tea
Foto Bhang cannabis drink
Foto cannabis beer
Foto cannabis wine


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