Global Cannabis Marchin' In 2013, Why We Still March


The SWAT raid of the Harte family is just one of the very few reasons that we still march for our civil rights. We are not only standing up for the cannabis community, but for the rights of all citizens. An unwinnable war is being waged against nonviolent, amazing people. Family and great friends of mine. And also people like Adlynn and Robert Harte, two former CIA employees who served the government faithfully.

global marijuana march 2013

The Harte's had to endure an armed invasion of their home because they were growing tomatoes and melons.  Family dogs have been unnecessarily shot and killed with children present.  Not even politicians are safe. Innocent people could have died like Kathryn Johnston, an elderly woman in Atlanta, because of a system that rewards criminals to become informants and their false information has life and death consequences. Raids like this are far too common. Radley Balko has been doing amazing work documenting these dangerous failures.

Despite the many injustices, I see hope and progressacross the country and across the globe. The tide has turned and truth is slowly, but surely, setting us all free.  May the Fourth be with us all ;)

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