May 11, 2011

Global Marijuana March 2011 Highlights

May 11, 2011
Legalize it!

The Global Marijuana March is a worldwide phenomenon that shows the tremendous support cannabis legalization receives in many countries across the planet.

With marches reportedly in more than 300 cities — some with tens of thousands of participants — there is no doubt the cannabis community continues to thrive in the face of uphill battles and difficult challenges.

Here are some of the 2011 GMM articles from mainstream and alternative sources – click the links for the full story.

Click here to read the article “Thousands March For Marijuana Freedom in Toronto” by CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer.

Tens of thousands march in favour of legalizing marijuana

by CTV News

Joints, bongs and plenty of smoke accompanied the thousands who gathered at Queen’s Park to march in favor of legalizing marijuana on Saturday.

The 13th annual Global Marijuana March was organized to celebrate marijuana for both medical and recreational uses.

Matt Mernagh coordinated the Toronto chapter of the event after recently winning a court battle to be able to grow marijuana in Ontario.

Mernagh said, “We demonstrated that the medicinal marijuana program doesn’t work in Canada. Less than one per cent of doctors are signing cards [for] medicinal marijuana applications, so the judge exempted me from cultivating marijuana because I can’t get into the program.”

Roy Bowins, an event participant, says he has smoked marijuana since the 1960s and that the big push to legalize marijuana has changed.

“The price has certainly changed, but the popularity keeps growing,” he said.

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Vancouver Global Marijuana March _ Here’s One For You!

We smoked out the streets of Vancouver…with a police escort! About a hundred supporters turned out for a colorful protest as we marched and puffed our way to English Bay.

Many thanks to David Malmo-Levine, Neil Magnuson and Don Briere for his truck.

A good time was had by all and our message was spread far and wide.

Shot and cut by Marijuana Man

Montreal marijuana lovers march for cannabis

CTV News

MONTREAL – Pot lovers took to the streets of Montreal, one of over 200 cities which hosted local versions of the Global Marijuana March Saturday at noon.

Hundreds displayed their support for the legalization of cannabis by marching from St. Louis Square on the Plateau to Parc des Ameriques where they then took in entertainment.

Event spokesman Marc-Boris St-Maurice said this year’s march was dedicated to workers at the four local Compassion Clubs who face drug-related charges after raids in June 2010.

He said that the workers are facing serious charges and could face prison time.

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Marchers Demand Legalization Of Marijuana


Mexico City, Mexico — Thousands of marchers took to the streets in Mexico and Argentina to demand the decriminalization of marijuana as part of the 13th annual Global Marijuana March.

In Mexico City, hundreds chanted and cheered, including Leopoldo Rivera, president of the Mexican Association For Cannabis Studies.

“We consider prudent to be informed on this (topic). (People) who consume are not necessarily criminals or ill, it could be any regular person who is productive, contributing member of society,” he said.

Marchers said they believed legalizing the personal use of marihuana would aid in the fight against drug trafficking.

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Global Marijuana March 2011 [21 PHOTOS]

by International Business Times

The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is a yearly rally taking place at different locations across the world. It refers to cannabis-related events that happens on the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts, and may include marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and information tables.

The Global Marijuana March also goes by the name of the Million Marijuana March (MMM). It began in 1999. Around 600 different cities worldwide have signed up since 1999. There are local names for the event too, such as: World Cannabis Day, Cannabis Liberation Day, Global Space Odyssey, Ganja Day, J Day, Million Blunts March and more.

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Calgary marches for marijuana

by CTV News

Calgary was among 250 cities in the world who marched in support of cannabis culture on Saturday.

The march, organized by Calgary 420, started from city hall and was led by two marshals who suffer with multiple sclerosis.

Many members who took part all have legal access from Health Canada to possess, cultivate, and consume cannabis.

The purpose of today’s march was to spread the message about legalizing marijuana and to help people learn the facts about cannabis.

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Peaceful ‘pot heads’ march for marijuana

by The Toronto Star

The funnel cakes were definitely a hit.

It was no surprise that plates of deep-fried dough sprinkled with white icing sugar became immensely popular at a festival attended by 25,000 pot enthusiasts who spent the day smoking joints on the lawn at Queen’s Park.

Especially since 20,000 of them worked up an appetite while parading across downtown streets with banners that demanded better access to medical marijuana or the decriminalization of weed itself.

As teenagers lit up among university students and some adults, organizer Gabe Simms called the annual event a celebration of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“People here are from all walks of life,” Simms said, “and whether they be lawyers or students, in some cases youth, they all at the end of the day believe Canada has to make some changes regarding the prohibition (of marijuana) and the difficulty for sick people to have access to medical marijuana.”

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Global marijuana march takes supporters through downtown Medford


MEDFORD, Ore., — Nearly 500 cities across the world are participating in marijuana marches and rallies. One of those cities being right here in the Rogue Valley.

The event in Medford was hosted by Southern Oregon Norml and the Southern Oregon Cannabis Community Center to raise awareness and acceptance for medical marijuana use and the legalization of pot. The executive director of the organizations, Lori Duckworth says the Bill of Rights gives them the opportunity to peacefully march. Which is exactly what they planned to do. Saturday’s events included an open house, block party, and live music.

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Portugal: Thousands sign petition to legalise cannabis

by The Portugal News

More than five thousand people have signed a petition which will be submitted to parliament to legalise the use of cannabis and its derivatives, a spokesperson from the Global March for Marijuana (MGM) said.

The collection of signatures has been ongoing for almost a year, since May 2010, and will go on until “around” autumn this year.

Carla Fernandes, MGM spokesperson in Portugal, said the MGM movement is represented in at least 200 cities around the world, including Lisbon and Oporto, where on the first Saturday of every month a march against the prohibition of cannabis is held.

The authors of the petition’s text claim that legalising cannabis could “bring an end to the [country’s] deficit” by predicting it could be sold legally, with taxes similar to those of cigarettes.

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VIDEO: Legalize It

The Global Marijuana March was held in cities throughout the world in support of the legalization of the use of marijuana.

Pictures are taken from

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Jodie Emery leads the 2011 Toronto Global Marijuana March

Jodie Emery leads the 2011 Toronto Global Marijuana March and talks to Headlines and Deadlines’ Jeff Lagerquist and Charles Vanegas. You can catch us Wednesdays at 6 a.m. on CKLN.FM , or on the podcast at

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GMM Berlin 2011

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Lethbridge Global Marijuana March, CTV coverage

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California Cannabis Coalition Seeks to Eliminate Ordinances

A small group of medicinal marijuana supporters made their way to Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach on May 7 for the 11 a.m. start of a march in support of their cause.

“This is a grom surf contest, not a weed march,” was the response heard from a surfer’s mother who was on the sand watching her son in the competition. “Try the tent south of the pier.” Those who did so found volunteers with the PB Town Council who were conducting a beach cleanup.

After being asked a few times about the pot march, a town-council member jokingly commented, “Oh, yeah, a lot of smokers were going to do the march, but they forgot.” He took on a more serious tone when following up with, “I have nothing against [marijuana]; I think they should let it grow on the sides of the freeways so everyone can get it for free.”

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2011 Toronto Freedom Festival and the world’s largest Marijuana March

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Article From Cannabis Culture and used with special permission.


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