April 5, 2016

Going Into Wisconsin Primary Bernie Sanders Promotes Marijuana Reform

April 5, 2016
bernie sanders marijuana

bernie sanders marijuanaToday is the day that the Wisconsin primary election will take place. On the Democrat side, there are 86 delegates at stake. As much as the mainstream media likes to skew the current delegate count between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by lumping in super delegates in the total, the fact of the matter is this is still a close race by primary election standards. Wisconsin is more important than ever to the Bernie Sanders campaign, which has rattled off quite a few victories lately. A win in Wisconsin would really shake things up, and obviously Bernie Sanders knows it.

That’s why Bernie Sanders was stumping in Wisconsin on Sunday. Speaking to a crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders talked about a lot of things that were important to him and that he feels are important to American voters. One of those things was marijuana reform, which Bernie plugged in fantastic fashion during his speech. Per USA Today:

“Today, under the Federal Controlled Substance Act, marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug alongside of heroin,” said Sanders. “Now we can argue when scientists do the pluses and minuses of marijuana, but everyone knows marijuana is not a killer drug like heroin.”

And he noted that certain racial and ethnic groups often bear the brunt of criminalization.

“(Criminalization of marijuana) becomes a racial issue as well, because it turns out that blacks and whites smoke marijuana at equal levels,” Sanders said. “Blacks are four times more likely to get arrested for marijuana than are whites.”

When it comes to marijuana reform, there are no candidates that are running for President that are as supportive as Bernie Sanders. Not by a long shot. Whereas other candidates support states rights on marijuana policy, kind of (depending on the audience they are talking to), Bernie Sanders is pushing federal de-scheduling which would end federal prohibition altogether. There are obviously a lot of issues that one should consider when picking a candidate to support, but when it comes to cannabis reform, there is only one choice, and that choice is Bernie Sanders. I hope that he wins today in Wisconsin, and continues to build his momentum towards winning the nomination. #FeelTheBern


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