July 3, 2012

Government Sponsored Study Concludes DEA Must Reclassify Marijuana

July 3, 2012
Medical Leaf

Medical LeafTurns Out The DEA Was Wrong All Along

Despite all the statements by the DEA over the years denying the medical benefits of cannabis, a recent government sponsored study at the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis concluded marijuana has legitimate medicinal benefits, including relief from chronic pain.The study also found that reclassification is needed immediately to open the way for more clinical trials. The study was published in The Open Neurology Journal.

The DEA has been recalcitrant in its denial of marijuana’s medicinal value for decades, but that may soon end. This study called the DEA’s unwillingness to reclassify marijuana “not accurate”, and “not tenable.” And it’s true: the American people are growing intolerant of government hypocrisy and denial of the truth. We each have unique medical needs, and we each deserve to pursue our unique path to health, so long as it doesn’t preclude the health and happiness of others.

As many of you now know, President Obama can direct Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately order the DEA to remove cannabis from the drug schedules, or to reclassify cannabis so more trials can go forward. But, I support removing cannabis from the schedules completely. The FDA generally lacks jurisdiction over herbs, unless the herb has been labeled a drug by the DEA. If the DEA removes cannabis from the drug schedules, the FDA would lose the right to regulate cannabis. Instead, we’d be able to buy it as easily as buying basil. And after all, it’s about as dangerous as most herbs in the garden, and provides much more upside.

There is nothing quite like sitting back with a joint, blunt, bowl, or bong. I really don’t want to take a cannabis pill. Tinctures and vaporizers work great, but I demand the right to choose. Ultimately, this isn’t just about cannabis; it’s about actually getting to enjoy the freedom that is often bandied about as the core of our country, while smokers have to keep their heads down for enjoying one of nature’s greatest gifts—the good herb!


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