April 30, 2015

Help A Hardworking Activist Fight For Marijuana Legalization

April 30, 2015
chris thompson purdue norml

chris thompson purdue normlI know first hand what it’s like to dedicate long hours to activism with no monetary reward. It’s not easy, especially when you are broke to start with. It’s much easier to be an activist if you have a big bank account to rely on to pay for food and shelter. I recently came across a GoFundMe page that is dedicated to getting a NORML intern to Colorado for the summer. The activist is Chris Thompson, the Executive Director of Purdue NORML.

Chris is trying to raise funds so he can get to Colorado this summer to be an unpaid intern for NORML. If you are able, please make a donation to his cause. Even $5 helps. He is halfway to his goal, and I’m hoping TWB readers can get him to the target amount. Below is more information about his effort. You can donate at this link here:

My name is Chris Thompson, and I’m a junior in Biological Engineering at Purdue University in Indiana.

I’m also a HUGE cannabis legalization advocate!

I’m the Executive Director and re-founder of Purdue NORML  , co-founder of Ball State NORML  , IUPUI NORML , and IU NORML  , and I also sit on the Board of Directors of Indiana NORML  .

This summer, I’ve been given the opportunity to be an intern at the National NORML offices in Denver, Colorado! I’ll be working on increasing chapter communication, helping new NORML chapters get started, and promoting legalization throughout the country!

Unfortunately, this is an unpaid internship. I’ve been working for months to get this position, but I unfortunately don’t have the means to stay in Denver for 4 months with no pay.

I’ve been saving up money from a part time job, which will pay for my food, gas, and other necessities. However I still have the apartment rent, utility charges, and moving costs to pay.

That’s where you come in!

I’m starting this GoFundMe campaign to raise $5,000 for my stay this summer in Denver, to fight for legalization and end marijuana prohibition.

Here’s the breakdown of that goal:

Rent                         $900/month  x 4                –        $3,600.00
Utilities                  $200/month x 4                  -       $    800.00
Moving Costs     $600 (gas, truck, etc.)      -        $    600.00
Total       –       $5,000.00

Also, every cent that I raise above my goal will be donated to National NORML!

If you have any questions about my campaign, cannabis legalization, or how to get involved with NORML, please contact me at @ChrisIsNORML on twitter or my email ChrisIsNORML@gmail.com!

Thank you so much for visiting my page, please LIKE and SHARE to spread the word about my campaign! #YesWeCannabis


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