Help Americans For Safe Access Lobby For HR 689 And HR 710


By Hunter Holliman, National Field Coordinator, Americans for Safe Access

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Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Sam Farr introduced legislation that will end the federal conflict with state medical cannabis programs.  Blumenauer's bill, titled the States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protections Act (HR 689), will move cannabis out of Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act and allow for medical research to be controlled by an agency other than the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Farr's bill, the Truth in Trials Act (HR 710), will allow patients, caregivers and providers who are in compliance with state law to offer evidence of the medical necessity for their use of cannabis.

Our champions in Congress are doing their part to protect safe access, but now the ball is in our court to make sure these bills pass! Next weekend, ASA will be hosting the first ever National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference in DC that will culminate with a congressional briefing and a lobby day on Capitol Hill to support these bills. By registering for the conference, ASA will also schedule a meeting with your congressional representative during the lobby day so we can really show Congress a unified voice in support safe access!

The best chance we have at getting these bills passed is through an overwhelming show of support from advocates like you. Don't miss this historic chance to join fellow supporters of medical cannabis as we march on Capitol Hill on Monday, February 26th. Register for the conference now to make sure you get to meet your congressional rep!

Even if you can't join us in DC, you can still contact your member of Congress and urge them to vote for HR 689 and HR 710. You have the power to end the federal war on medical cannabis this year, so join us in DC or let your voice be heard that safe access is an issue of vital importance!

Looking forward to seeing you in DC...