September 16, 2013

Help America’s Longest Serving Marijuana Prisoner Publish ‘Greed And Evil’ The Book

September 16, 2013
Robert Platshorn Silver Tour

Robert Platshorn greed and evilLoyal readers know that I am a big fan of Robert ‘The Tuna’ Platshorn, and I’m encouraging all TWB readers to support his latest project. It’s a book titled ‘Greed and Evil’ and Mr. Platshorn is trying to raise funds to publish it. Below is more information about the book, which you can support by making a contribution here. It looks like he has raised $1,455 towards his goal of $10,000. Let’s see if we can’t bump that number up a bit!

“Exposing greed without humanity! Evil beyond comprehension!”

“A story never before told.”

“This book is the missing link to cannabis legalization”. It exposes the dirty corrupt self-serving side of the anti-marijuana propagandists. DARE, Straight Inc, Partnership for a Drug Free America, SOS,Private Prison Corps, The Alcohol and drug Industries, Judges who sell your kids for cash, Calvina Fay, Mel & Betty Sembler, the Koch brothers, politicians who accept the bribes in return for anti-marijuana grants. People without morals or conscience who deliberately perpetuate lies in order to line their pockets without regard to the sick or the ruin of thousands of Americans imprisoned each year for a plant. Follow the money trail right back to your elected officials and police organizations who make busts for bucks. Learn about crime labs that only get paid for producing positive drug tests and convictions. All the dirty little secrets they thought you would never learn.”

“For those who don’t know me, I’m Robert Platshorn, a successful author, writer cannabis spokesman and Co-Producer of the TV show, Should Grandma Smoke Pot? My memoir Black Tuna Diaries is in it’s fourth printing. The hardcover limited edition sold out long ago. I’ve written articles and features for High Times Magazine, The New York Times and a host of other publications. Millions know me from the movie Square Grouper, the Daily Show, CNN Money and the front page of the Wall St Journal.I’m raising funds to publish a hardcover, soft cover and eBook edition of “Greed and Evil”. I’m one of the most popular and successful self-published authors in the country. Much of the research is finished but more is needed. Funds are needed to edit, publish and hire an independent researcher to fact-check every page.”

“Attorney General Eric Holder recently showed us the road map to end cannabis prohibition in every state. Greed and Evil will make that road into an expressway by exposing the dirty underbelly of the anti-marijuana movement.”

“You can help pave the expressway by pre-ordering and financing the publication of Greed and Evil. If all goes smoothly, you will have your books in time for the holiday season.” – Robert Platshorn


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