Help Investigate Anti-Marijuana Crusaders


Something stinks in Oregon. Marijuana opponents likely have broken election laws. The only way to know for sure is to get public records, which is not a cheap thing. Valued contributor to The Weed Blog Russ Belville is investigating elections violations by people that have been fighting marijuana reform in Oregon for years. Below is his 'Go Fund Me' request. I encourage everyone to donate, even if you don't live in Oregon. Some of the same people behind these alleged violations are the same people that tour the country fighting marijuana reform. I don't even have enough gas money to drive to work right now, but I plan on collecting every pop can I can find this weekend and literally begging for money in order to make a donation, it's that important in my opinion. You can donate at this link here:

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My name is Russ Belville. I write for Huffington Post, Alternet, & HIGH TIMES.

I am investigating the misappropriation of federal grant money by elected officials in Oregon to campaign illegally against our marijuana legalization initiative, Measure 91. You can find details here:

Congressman Earl Blumenauer has called for a federal investigation: To hold these elected officials accountable, I have initiated Oregon Open Records Requests (our state's Freedom of Information Act) to the District Attorney's offices in Clatsop and Jefferson County, where preliminary investigation shows significant use of taxpayer dollars to campaign illegally against a ballot initiative.

Under the law, the counties can charge me reasonable fees for the costs of providing their records. Since my requests are necessarily broad, my first records request was returned with a request for $442.50.

Time is of the essence. Oregonians vote by mail and receive their ballots in mid October. The planned educational summits that taxpayer money has promoted happen in the first week of October. Getting these records will lead to more damning reporting of these officials' illegal misuse of taxpayer resources to influence an election.

I am asking for $2,000 in order to fulfill the first records request and subsequent requests. Your donation will help me hold Oregon officials accountable. Thank you.