August 11, 2013

Help Keep The Silver Tour Going

August 11, 2013
robert platshorn silver tour washington dc rally event seniors senior citizens

robert platshorn silver tour seniors senior citizensNow when our movement has so much momentum, The Silver Tour is needed more than ever. Seniors and mainstream voters in so many states are still in the dark as to the truth about cannabis.

Two key states with important binding marijuana petitions, are Florida and Arkansas. Education is critical to in those states. We are negotiating TV schedules for both states in hopes of finding the funds to run daily broadcasts of “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?” for two to three months. It is the least expensive way to educate the greatest number of people in the shortest time. At our special infomercial rate, these half hour broadcasts can cost as little as $50-$200 each and reach thousands.

We are a non-profit with no paid officers or staff. All funds are used to educate, motivate and mobilize seniors and mainstream voters. Our expenses are low, but we have no corporate sponsors and depend solely on your support.

Please help us end cannabis prohibition everywhere and bring home thousands of cannabis offenders who have never committed a crime against persons or property, but are coveted as cheap docile industrial workers in our public and private prison factories.

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