Help NORML Get A Free Commercial During The Super Bowl


I once wrote an article asking what would be the first marijuana-related commercial to air during the Super Bowl. If the marijuana community can unite and put in a handful of seconds a day, NORML has a great chance of placing the first marijuana-related commercial during the Super Bowl. How great would it be to see an activism based marijuana commercial air during the Super Bowl? That would be huge!

White House Threatened To Crack Down On Legal Marijuana

Intuit is holding a contest, the winner of which will win a free ad to be played during the Super Bowl. It's very easy, people tell their story, share it with the world to get votes, advance in the contest, and win one of several prizes, the largest of which is a free ad during the Super Bowl. Last time I checked, NORML was in 8th place and the contest was close. We need all the votes we can get! Below is NORML's message, please click here to vote for this, and remember, you can vote once a day so please do!

"Together, we the people, are ending the US war on pot. With the last election and with the recent announcement from the attorney general in Washington DC, we are beautifully positioned to make sure a responsible, adult American citizen is never again arrested for enjoying the beauties of recreational marijuana.

But this doesn't just happen. Please take a moment of your time to support our campaign to bring the message of legalization to the masses with this Super Bowl Ad.

Together, we WILL legalize marijuana."