August 1, 2012

Help Put Decriminalization In Springfield Over the Top

August 1, 2012
show me cannabis regulation initiative marijuana

show me cannabis regulation initiative marijuanaMarijuana Reform Campaign In Springfield, Missouri Needs More Signatures

Activists in Springfield have just a few days left to turn in signatures to put cannabis decriminalization before the city council and, if they should reject it, before the city’s voters in November. Volunteers are meeting tonight to turn in the petitions that they hope will provide the campaign with the last couple hundred valid signatures it needs.

If you are registered to vote in Springfield and still have not had a chance to sign, please join these activists tonight in the auditorium of the Library Center located at 4563 South Campbell between 7 and 9 P.M. This will be your best chance to sign the petition before the final turn in, and you could be the one who provides the crucial signature that brings the total up to 2,101 and ensures that the city council and voters will consider the measure. We are very close to our goal, so please, do not leave anything to chance: Sign Tonight!

If you are not registered to vote in Springfield, you can still help by sharing this with friends who live in the area and by donating to help cover the costs of the campaign here. As the Springfield campaign closes in on their goal of putting decriminalization before the people of the city, they need your help more than ever!


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