May 3, 2013

Help Spread The Word About Marijuana Reform At Pointfest

May 3, 2013
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show me cannabis regulation missouri pointfestBy John Payne

As you likely know, we have been running radio advertisements on The Point 105.7 FM in Saint Louis for the past couple weeks. The station’s alternative format reaches a young adult demographic with whom our message is very popular, and they have responded strongly to our ads. Since the media campaign began, over 2,000 people have joined our ranks by texting into our mobile campaign!

Now we want to engage with this audience directly at the Point’s annual music festival, Pointfest. The concert will be held at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater outside Saint Louis, which holds 20,000 people.

Help us educate the thousands of attendees about the failure of cannabis prohibition and how they can support the cause!

A booth costs $1,000, and one dedicated supporter has already paid half of that expense. That leaves us with $500 to cover for the booth, plus $200 for tent rental and setup and roughly $150 to print promotional literature and a vinyl banner.

Invest now and help raise $750 to ensure the cause of cannabis legalization is well-represented at Pointfest!

As for the mobile campaign itself, some of you have asked why you haven’t received any mobile updates yet. The answer is that this software is new to me, so I am still learning its full potential. I spent an hour on a conference call today with the good people at Mobile Commons answering my many questions. I think I have a handle on how most of it works now, so you if you are part of the campaign, expect a message that will connect you to your state representative on Monday. (I would send it out tomorrow, but the legislators have already gone home for the weekend.)

If you haven’t joined the campaign, text “smc” to 420420 from your mobile device!


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