Hempfest News Interviews Tommy Chong About Marijuana Legalization

Tommy Chong high times cannabis cup

Throughout his life and career Tommy Chong has been an advocate for legalizing cannabis both medically and recreationally. His movies, live performances and many other appearances all speak to that advocacy in one form or another. Tommy Chong was a pioneer in educating the public about the positive side of cannabis and still pursues this goal passionately. He has appeared on all the major networks and most of the large cable franchises discussing the subject of legalization and recounting his own personal use of medical cannabis in a recent bout with prostate cancer which is now in remission. Tommy Chong supports many advocacy groups nationwide who are trying to bring legislation into their states to legalize the medical and the recreational use of cannabis along with supporting groups that seek federal legislation. On a personal level, Tommy donates a great deal of his time, personage and public influence to help many such organizations reach their goals.