Houston Cops Accused Of Eating Evidence During Marijuana Arrest


Three officers face accusations of getting high on duty from eating pot brownies they found during an arrest.


A police report says officers found marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, weapons, and cash when they arrested Nicholas Hill in May, according to NBC San Diego. Hill says the officers took baked goods containing marijuana - allegedly eating them on the spot - and his defense lawyer said that transcripts from in-car computers provide evidence.

Part of that transcript reads as follows:

Officer 1: "So HIGH… Good munchies."

Officer 2: "Everything should be open when we get done."

Officer 1: "Two hours, max."

Officer 2: "Probably, but this will take the whole shift."

Hill was charged with two felonies in the incident - one for possession of marijuana and one for the mushrooms.

Defense lawyer Daniel Cahill told KTRK the cops took the baked goods and ate them right on the spot.

Hill's charges still stand. Cahill said the officers could be facing a felony charge for destruction of evidence, in addition to patrolling the city under the influence.

From policeone.com