May 31, 2015

How Did Marijuana Become Illegal In The First Place?

May 31, 2015
Reefer Madness

It always surprises me how many people out there don’t know how marijuana became illegal in the first place. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is opposed to marijuana reform simply and only because it’s currently illegal at the federal level. I have always hated that logic. There have been a lot of things in American history that have been perfectly legal or prohibited, yet in no way should those things have had those legal statuses.

Allowing women and minorities to vote was illegal for a long time in America. Slavery was legal. Should either of those public policies have had the legal status they did? Of course not, which is why those laws were reformed. So too should marijuana laws be reformed. Marijuana prohibition is unjust, illogical, and was created out of racist fears and greedy intentions. I came across a video this week that sums up how marijuana became illegal in the first place in America, in just 94 seconds. If you know someone that should see a video like this, make sure to share it with them:


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