December 23, 2014

How Much Marijuana Was Seized By Border Patrol In Texas In 2014?

December 23, 2014

brickCartels try to smuggle marijuana into the United States on a daily basis, and have for many decades. Until marijuana prohibition is ended in Texas, and throughout the United States, this will continue to occur. Some of the marijuana will get seized at the border, and some of it will make it’s way across the border and be distributed to all corners of the country. The marijuana that makes it through will be sold and those profits will go into the hands of some of the scariest, most ruthless people on the planet. All the while law enforcement dollars will be spend trying to stop it from happening, with virtually no success. The marijuana is untested, no doubt contains harmful chemicals, and is completely un-taxed and unregulated.

How much marijuana is seized at the Texas border by Border Patrol? Per My San Antonio:

Border Patrol agents operating in Texas seized nearly 875,000 pounds of marijuana during fiscal year 2014, according to a new Homeland Security Department report.

Agents across five Texas border sectors confiscated 873,199 pounds of marijuana from Oct. 1, 2013, to Sept. 30, 2014, the report said. The majority was taken in the Rio Grande Valley sector, which reported 654,162 in seized marijuana in that timeframe.

The Laredo sector reported 123,383 pounds of confiscated marijuana during that same period.

It of course is unknown, but I’d assume that for every pound that gets seized, numerous other pounds are successful smuggled into America. If Texas were to end marijuana prohibition, or even better, the entire country were to end marijuana prohibition, there would be virtually no need for cartels to smuggle low grade marijuana into America. I highly doubt there is anyone searching for bammer in Colorado right now considering they can go into a store, and purchase marijuana that has been tested and is of such a higher quality it makes cartel bammer weed look like dirt.


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