October 8, 2014

How Much Money Does Kevin Sabet Get To Spread Marijuana Propaganda?

October 8, 2014
kevin sabet tobacco web sites marijuana
kevin sabet tobacco web sites marijuana
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Kevin Sabet would probably like you to believe that he fights against marijuana reform out of the kindness of his heart. Kevin Sabet would probably like you to believe that he is just trying to protect children from the devil’s lettuce. Kevin Sabet would probably like you to believe that he just wants to see an efficient, sober America. However, those things are false. Kevin Sabet fights marijuana reform because he gets paid to do so. In fact, he gets paid quite handsomely to do so..

Russ Belville recently did a crowd funding campaign which allowed him to do some public record requests in Oregon related to the anti-marijuana ‘education’ tour that marijuana opponents claim is not political, even though it only happens when marijuana reform is on the ballot in Oregon. In one of those e-mails, which can be read at this link here, we find out that for every stop of the tour Kevin Sabet was paid $3,000, plus meals, plus hotel, plus rental cars. In exchange for Kevin Sabet spreading marijuana propaganda for two hours, he gets paid more for that two hour segment than I do in an entire month working 40 hours per week in my cubicle (I don’t get paid to blog for this site FYI). To quote Russ Belville from his Twitter page:

Must be nice using gov’t money to train gov’t workers how to pay you with gov’t money, eh, @KevinSabet?

Kevin Sabet can say what he wants about what’s motivating him to be the Harry Anslinger of this generation. The fact of the matter is he spreads reefer madness to line his own pockets. I can’t wait until Oregon legalizes marijuana so that I never have to hear of him coming to my state again. And to build on that, I can’t wait until marijuana is legalized nationwide so that he is out of a job.


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