April 18, 2011

How to Start a California Collective

April 18, 2011
Medical Marijuana Centers

By Pot Snob

By: The Kush Guys

Since the whole Prop 215 thing, I have been really interested in the legalities of selling pot. I know I am not the only one who wants to be a part of the new “California Green Rush.” I have bought many books on the subject over the years from California Weed Lawyers books on how to start a delivery service to all the Oaksterdam course books offered to the public. For the exception of “Never get Busted” these are very dry text book type reads.

I am a pot smoker. I medicated regularly and a text book is an induce enhancer. It puts me out and down. Couch lock from a book. This packet is actually refreshing. It is straight to the point and informative. There are no words wasted, no unneeded sentences. Most of the same books send you in wild goose chases with a link and explanation of where to navigate on someone else website. All the necessary documents are included in the packet. This new packet from Legal420zoom.com fits into any weed smokers reference manual collection.

I actually got a chance to work with a couple different dispensary starting companies. They all offered most of if not a lesser service for at least $99 – 2000 dollars depending on how much work you wanted them to do. This $25 packet is a steal in comparison, plus contains more useful information. Unlike the other companies this is just information provided and does not include any services. After reading that it will cost around $400 to start and get registered properly plus $800 in franchise tax fees at the end of the year, I would want to save my money for those things rather than waste it on mediocre, part solutions.

What was the most surprising fact was one should get a state card as a patient and caregiver in order to truly be compliant with the law enforcement. No California police officer has to recognize a doctor’s recommendation during a drug seizure. Although in California if you are carrying less than an ounce, you will not be detained and will only be cited with a ticket, if you are carrying weight you will need to be protected for when you do get pulled over.

I would highly recommend this as a read to anyone seeking to be well informed on becoming a compliant collective, dispensary, grow house or delivery service in California. Even if you do not plan on opening up a collective or live in California, this is a great reference guide for any pot smoker.




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