October 2, 2012

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 Recap

October 2, 2012
idaho medical marijuana

A special thanks to Radical Russ Belville for always working so hard, and capturing such great footage. Also, a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to the hardworking activists in Idaho that put on this event, and who continue to work hard to make marijuana reform a reality in a state that needs it so badly. I apologize for not making it there this year – I hope next year to be in a better position to come out and join such an important event!

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Russ Belville 420 Speech

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Lindsey Rinehart

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – National Activism Panel

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Karri Gallaugher

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Judge Jim Gray

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Judge Jim Gray Panel

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Tie Dye Everything

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Star Belly Clothing

Idaho HOPEfest 2012 – Idaho Glass


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