Idaho NORML Meet And Greet


We are SO excited to invite you to come join us at our "First Saturday" event! Are you ready to enact social change and give real help those who are suffering? Come join us this Saturday for educational opportunities, networking, and the rare opportunity to meet like-minded individuals! Our events are always a great time, so plan on joining us. ALL of our Idaho Groups are represented at this meeting if they have a Boise Representative.

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NORML members are needed to show up!! There are OPEN BOARD Positions that need filled! We are considering running Decriminalization Petitions around the state!

Moms For Marijuana is becoming more active in the Treasure Valley. Please come find out how!! Want a rally? Want more education? Please let us know!

Compassionate Idaho has a Lot going on and we NEED YOU to volunteer to circulate Compassionate Idaho's NEW petition to give Idahoans the right to vote on the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act in November of 2014. Only 60,000 (rounded up) signatures are needed by April 30th, 2014. We will be Team Building, as well as meeting our newest Team Leaders and Team Members, so this is a great time to get involved! We will also be setting up training and providing an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK at the contents of the new provision.

Remember, the only way to change society is to get involved. Your voice can be heard, and you can make a real difference- join us today!

When - February 2nd at 4:20 pm
Where - Idaho Pizza Co 1677 S Broadway Ave, Boise, Idaho 83706-3801