April 25, 2013

Idaho: Where Marijuana Is More Dangerous To Kids Than A Loaded Gun

April 25, 2013
police authority

police authorityYesterday I broke the story of Lindsey Rinehart and Sarah Caldwell. They are two young mothers who are very prominent marijuana activists in the Gem State.  Lindsey is the state’s most visible medical marijuana patient.  She suffers from multiple sclerosis and is the chief petitioner for the Idaho Medical Choice Act, a very limited form of medical marijuana initiative.  Sarah is the financial officer for Moms 4 Marijuana International.

You can help Lindsey & Sarah with legal fees here: http://rad-r.us/IdahoFund

While Lindsey and Sarah were vacationing, along with Lindsey’s husband Josh (the director of Idaho NORML), their four children were staying with a babysitter when police, acting on a tip from an elementary school friend of one of their boys, arrived with child protective services.  The police, without a warrant, intimidated the babysitter into allowing them into the home, where they allegedly found Lindsey’s medical marijuana.  Based on that imminent threat to the children, all four boys, ages 11, 10, 6, and 5, were placed into foster care.

Meanwhile in Idaho, just a county away from Lindsey & Sarah, another mother has attracted the attention of police for endangering her children.  According to KTVB, a young unnamed mother left her 3-year-old and 10-month-old in the car as she briefly went back into the house for something.  While alone in the car, the 3-year-old found a loaded pistol and discharged it, grazing the 10-month-old in the cheek.

You can help Lindsey & Sarah with legal fees here: http://rad-r.us/IdahoFund

This happened Monday. No charges have been filed yet. Presumably, the young mother still has her 3-year-old and 10-month-old.

Let’s recap:  In Idaho, if you are a sick person who advocates for legal marijuana and cops find some of it in your home, you are endangering your children, they are taken immediately, and you may face felony time in prison.  But if you are a healthy person who lets your unattended children have unfettered access to a loaded handgun and it actually does harm one of your children, it is just an “accidental shooting” and you get to keep your kids and no charges are filed.

You can help Lindsey & Sarah with legal fees here: http://rad-r.us/IdahoFund

Sadly, this isn’t confined to just Idaho.  Daisy Bram, a legal medical marijuana patient in California, has lost her children repeatedly for alleged “abuse”, which consists of growing non-toxic houseplants and breastfeeding while using marijuana.  This is what it sounded like when police literally ripped her baby away from her breast.

Last week, I collected five stories of parents who lost their children over their marijuana gardens, and another five stories where children aged 4 and under were shot or shot somebody when they were allowed unfettered access to a loaded handgun.  Nobody in the five child/gun stories was ever charged with child endangerment.  None of those children with guns were ever taken away by child protective services.

How tragically absurd. If your child has access to a lethal machine that kills someone, it’s just an accident.  If your child has access to a non-lethal plant that heals someone, it’s child endangerment.

Idaho Danger


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