If You Are Not Listening To The Marijuana Today Podcast, You Should Be


A lot of people don't know the story of how this blog started. In a nutshell, Jay Smoker and I used to hangout a lot and talk about all things cannabis. Whenever others would join us, they would always comment on how much they like the discussions. I shared with Jay that I had always wanted to start a blog ever since I took a political communications course as an undergrad. Jay 'speaks computer' as he always says, and despite no other previous experience building a website, I put together some content and he built this site.

marijuana today podcast

So when I heard the story behind a new podcast called 'Marijuana Today,' I was instantly intrigued because the story of how it came about is very similar to how this blog came about. A bunch of legendary cannabis reformers would do conference calls and Skype with each other, and thought 'Hey, this is good stuff, we should record this,' which they have been doing ever since. I speak the truth when I say this - the people involved with the podcast is like an allstar roster of marijuana reform veterans.

Kris Lotlikar (host), Shea Gunther (producer), Dan Goldman, Kris Krane, Adam Smith (one of my absolute favorite humans on this planet and one hell of a mentor!), Taylor West, Tom Angell, Andrew Livingston, Betty Aldworth, Alex Kreit, Troy Dayton, Aaron Houston, Shaleen Title, and Jane West are all regulars on the show. Those people are so awesome that it's hard for me to even put into words how much I admire them. Just the fact that I know some of them makes me get goosebumps sometimes because these are people that I have followed from afar for a long time.

And now they all have a show together! I haven't listened to all of the episodes (yet), but there are currently 69 episodes as of this post, with more on the way. All of them are jam packed with riveting conversations about marijuana. There are a lot of marijuana podcasts out there that have some entertainment value, but don't focus at all on politics and reform, which sucks. I like marijuana media that starts with activism first as it's focus, and sprinkles in other things. I love toke talk just as much as anyone, but if activism isn't a priority, it's all for not in my opinion.

The people on this show have spent more time in the trenches pushing for reform than most. They have all of my respect. I strongly urge you to check out the podcast. And for some reason if all of what I have said doesn't convince you to check it out, trust that the people on the show are EXTREMELY entertaining to listen to, and you will not be disappointed. Below are some reviews that have been left on itunes (which I hope you go to, sign up for the podcast, listen to it, be impressed by it, and leave your own positive review!):

The BEST Marijuana Podcast on iTunes!!

by UrFullo'It
Meet The Press, The McLaughlin Group and Charlie Rose ain't got nothing on these folks!! There literally aren't any people involved in the emerging legal marijuana markets in the US that are smarter than Kris Lotlikar and his guests each week.

The first show was amazing and full of lots of useful "insider-y" information and I'm sure it will only get better as the weeks go on and the host and guests gets more comfortable with the format. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode and each week after that!


Inside Baseball of Pot Politics

by RebelGoose716
In-depth review and analysis of the weeks' Marijuana news. Panelists are well versed, they have been part of the legalization movement for 10+ years. They can rattle off an amazing amount of info on topics ranging from the regulation of edibles in Colorado to the latest medical legislation out of New York. I like the banter. These guys all support the movement but have distinct perspectives. Adam Smith plays the cranky idealist, while Goldman offers a bit of pragmatism. It'll be interesting to see who else rotates through. The nerdy theme music fits the format as well. This is not a bunch if stoners talking about weed; this is the inside baseball of marijuana business and politics. Well done. Subscribed.


Looking forward to the next episode

by DragonFire10
Kris Lotlikar steps up to the mic and delivers a cutting edge show on what's going with marijuana. Marijuana Today isn't about getting high, but rather an in depth look at the current political, economic and social issues we face as our leaders grapple with all things marijuana. This show goes beyond the headlines and offers in depth commentary with guest experts who are in the know when discussing what shaping up to be the next big thing.

Great job on the first episode and I look forward to more of the same.


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