April 12, 2010

Illinois Trying to Make Medical Marijuana a Reality

April 12, 2010

Will Illinois become the 15th state to allow medical marijuana? Technically, it has been on the books in Illinois since 1978. However a loophole in the law has allowed the Illinois State Police to block its implementation. And we thought Washington D.C. has waited a long time! State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) has sponsored a bill that would fix that loophole, and make medical marijuana a reality in Illinois. “It requires them to get a license from the Illinois Dept. of Public health, which would monitor and license each person, and it provides strict penalties for those who break the law, or use the marijuana and drive, or try to sell it or distribute it,” Lang said.

A similar bill already passed the State Senate 10 months ago (30-28), won approval 4-3 in the Illinois House Human Services Committee, and passed 3-2 in the House Rules Committee. Governor Pat Quinn has hinted that he would sign a final version of the bill if it passes the House. Governor Quinn’s personal physician, Dr. Quentin Young, says he supports medical marijuana. “The medical profession has no controversy on this, to speak of,” said Dr. Young.

click here for the status of the bill

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