Large Majority of Likely Indiana Voters Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis

indiana voters, marijuana legalization, medical marijuana

A new WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll has found that a vast majority of likely Indiana voters are in support of legalizing the medical use of cannabis in the state. Given that the poll focused specifically on likely voters, it strongly indicates that an initiative effort to legalize cannabis as a medicine would be approved with overwhelming support.

It also gives lawmakers a clear sign that voters in the state are ready for a change, and ready for those who can benefit from it to be able to legally use cannabis, a vastly diverse and nonlethal medicine.

According to the poll, 73% of likely voters in the state are in support of medical cannabis. Just 25% are opposed to the move, and want to keep medical cannabis illegal.

Only 2% of likely voters were found to be undecided, indicating that nearly everyone in the state has made up their mind on the issue.

The survey found Democrats to be the most likely to support medical cannabis with 82%, support followed by independents at 77%. Support among republicans was lower, but a strong majority was still in support at 59%.

Indiana voters who are 65 or older had the lowest level of support, but still strongly favor medical cannabis legalization 57% to 41%.

The Public Opinion Strategies poll surveyed 600 likely voters in the state from October 3-5. It has a 4% margin of error.

There are lawmakers in the state who are working to make a change; just last year Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian filed Senate Bill 284, a proposal to legalize medical cannabis, including personal cultivation and dispensaries. Unfortunately the measure failed to advance, but the conversation is already underway.

Those in Indiana who support medical cannabis can lookup their district's lawmakers to voice their opinion by clicking here.