April 19, 2013

Initiate A Pro-Marijuana Conversation This 4/20 With Someone

April 19, 2013
420 conversation marijuana policy project

420 conversation marijuana policy projectBy Mason Tvert, Marijuana Policy Project

Tomorrow is April 20 (4/20), a date that has become synonymous with marijuana and is celebrated at public events and private get-togethers across the nation. Whether you partake or pass, I hope you will use it as an opportunity to share your feelings about marijuana with those close to you.

Specifically, I encourage you to start conversations with friends and/or family members who still think marijuana is too dangerous to be legal for adults. Help them understand that it is actually far less harmful than alcohol, and explain why you support ending prohibition. It’s this type of personal appeal that will get people to listen to the facts and reconsider their current beliefs.

MPP just released a short and entertaining online video, titled “Let’s Get It On,” to inspire people to initiate the marijuana conversation. Please take a moment to check it out – it’s worth it – and then share it with anyone who supports making marijuana legal. You will also have the option of sending an editable pre-written email to those you know who could still use some enlightenment.

Winning over the hearts and minds of the people you know best is the quickest and easiest way to build support for reform. So please watch the “Let’s Get It On” video today, share it widely, and help begin the conversations that will bring marijuana prohibition to an end.

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