September 13, 2012

It’s Time To Fight Back Against Anti-Marijuana Crusaders In Colorado

September 13, 2012
colorado amendment 64

colorado amendment 64By Mason Tvert, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

When we first heard that the Colorado Legislative Council Committee mistakenly removed three of the best arguments from the Colorado voter guide, we asked you to fight back. And you responded.

More than 8,800 people concerned about the fairness of the Colorado voter guide signed our petition to Mike Mauer, the Director of the Colorado Legislative Council, to re-insert these arguments into the voter guide.

Unfortunately, he refused to fix the Legislative Council’s error, and then hid behind state lawyers to get our lawsuit dismissed without our arguments ever being heard. As a result, the arguments against our initiative in this year’s voter guide will contain 75% more words than the arguments in favor of it.

We must overcome their deceitful act by working even harder to ensure that voters understand the benefits of Amendment 64. Will you help, right now?

Please visit our “64 things you can do to help pass Amendment 64” page. Take a moment to do what you can to fight back against the status quo and end marijuana prohibition in Colorado.

You now see the kind of dirty tricks being used against us. Our only option is to speak truth to power and fight harder — and smarter — than our opponents.

Now is the time.


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