December 24, 2015

Jeff Mizanskey At The Drug Policy Reform Conference 2015 In D.C.

December 24, 2015
jeff mizanskey dan viets

Earlier this week I gave Jeff Mizanskey the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award.’ Jeff served over 22 years of a life sentence in prison in Missouri for non-violent, marijuana-only offenses. Jeff would likely still be in prison had it not been for the hard work of his family, friends, and activists. Jeff is a victim of the war on marijuana. He will never get those 22 years of his life back. But he can share his story, and help encourage and inspire others to fight for reform to help ensure that no one else has to go through what he went through. Below is a speech that Jeff gave recently in Washington D.C. at the Drug Policy Reform Conference. It’s my understanding that there were a lot of tears in the room when Mr. Mizanskey delivered his powerful testimonial:


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