Join Me In Participating In The 'The Goldstein Liberty Bowl'


Today is a big day for activism. Longtime activist Chris Goldstein gets off probation, and as such, can finally consume cannabis again! I have never met Chris, but I have talked to him online and admired his work from afar for a long time, and he has had a very profound impact on many activists that I consider to be amazing. One of those people is Russ Belville, who has organized 'The Goldstein Liberty Bowl.' I will ABSOLUTELY be participating on the West Coast, and you should too wherever you are. Consume cannabis in honor of a very hardworking activist getting his freedom back! Below are the details, via the event's Facebook page:

chris goldstein liberty bowl

Chris Goldstein (pictured, left) is the man most responsible for my career today. He created the NORML Daily Audio Stash Podcast back in 2006, when most people thought a podcast referred to actors in a play about peas. I took the reins of that podcast in 2008 and mutated it into the live weekday radio show I still produce.

He's a man who puts the ACT in activist. A longtime stalwart with NJ NORML and Philly NORML, Chris was instrumental (alomg with Nikki Allen Poe) in creating the Smoke Down Prohibition rallies and the Philly racial marijuana arrest disparity reports that finally brought decrim to Philly.

He also formed rallies to Smoke Down Prohibition at the site of the Liberty Bell. It was there where federal police - who constantly tell us they don't give a shit about individual cannabis consumers, they want to get the big growers and kingpins - arrested Chris for smoking a joint.

The resulting charges cost him $3,000 (I think), got him barred from attending any anti-prohibition rallies on federal property (silly First Amendment), and got him a two-year federal probation for which he was forced to undergo federally-mandated seizure of his urine on a random basis to inspect it for evidence that he might be violating his probation by smoking pot.

Chris hasn't smoked pot in almost two years now, which I can only imagine is like asking the French to give up wine and asking Donald Trump to say something intelligent.

March 26 at midnight Eastern, Chris' probation is over and the most anticipated smoke session since Marc Emery or Tommy Chong got out of prison will ensue. I wish I could be there, but I'm out in Arizona on assignment.

So join me in a virtual smoke session Friday Night / Saturday Morning, depending on your time zone, to light one up in a salute to one of the best activists we've got, Chris Goldstein! I'll be posting Instagram and Twitter pics of the session using the hashtag #GoldsteinLibertyBowl - join me in doing the same to show Chris how much we appreciate his lifetime of dedication to ending prohibition! Pass this invite on to others in your circles!

When: Midnight EST

Where: Wherever you are!