December 23, 2014

Kansas May Join Marijuana Lawsuit Against Colorado

December 23, 2014
colorado marijuana legalization denver da

colorado marijuana legalization denver daLast week it was announced that Nebraska and Oklahoma were suing the State of Colorado in federal court over Colorado’s legalization law. Nebraska and Oklahoma claim that Colorado marijuana legalization is a nuisance to their states, and that they want the feds to overturn the law. The legal arguments being made on behalf of Nebraska and Oklahoma are shaky at best. As I’ve heard many activists say, Colorado doesn’t have a marijuana problem, Nebraska and Oklahoma have a marijuana prohibition problem.

It appears that the State of Kansas is thinking about joining the lawsuit. Per KMBC:

Kansas hasn’t decided whether to join a lawsuit filed by other states against Colorado over its legalization of marijuana even though the two states share a border.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Rapp said Friday that Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has been considering legal action against Colorado for months.

But she said in an email that his office is still weighing its options.

Of all the things that Kansas’ Attorney General could be mulling over, he is spending time thinking about joining a frivolous lawsuit against another state that has successfully implemented a popular public policy change. Kansas’ Attorney General could be focused on other things – fighting identity theft, investigating and prosecuting child pedophiles, or a whole host of other issues. But instead, he is dedicating time towards thinking about joining a lawsuit to try to overturn another state’s law that was strongly supported by voters.


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