December 18, 2015

Kentucky Senator Pushes For Marijuana Legalization

December 18, 2015
kentucky perry clark marijuana
kentucky perry clark marijuana
(image via Kentucky Democrats)

Kentucky Senator Perry Clark has been pushing for marijuana reform in Kentucky for awhile now. I did a quick search of the articles I’ve posted over the years, and Perry Clark’s name came up quite a bit. Senator Clark pushed for medical marijuana in 2013, and again in 2014. Those efforts didn’t gain enough traction to pass, but they definitely continued the conversation about marijuana reform in Kentucky. This year Senator Clark is pushing for full legalization via a bill (Cannabis Freedom Act) that he introduced late last week. Below are highlights of the bill, via the State-Journal:

The “Cannabis Freedom Act” would end the prohibition on marijuana cultivation, possession and selling the substance in regulatory framework similar to Colorado.

Quick takeaways on the act include: it would only be available to residents 21 and over;

• residents could possess up to 1 ounce on their person;

•cultivate up to 5 plants;

• store an excess of cultivated cannabis for personal use where it was cultivated or transfer 1 ounce to another person 21 or older without remuneration.

• persons under 21 could possess cannabis if it was recommended by a licensed physician;

• no smoking cannabis in public places

I can’t help but think of the late great Gatewood Galbraith whenever I hear of marijuana reform efforts in Kentucky. Gatewood fought for a very long time to reform Kentucky’s marijuana laws, and it makes me smile to see Senator Clark continue that effort. If you live in Kentucky, make sure to contact your elected officials and let them know that you support this bill. The winds of change are picking up, and I’m confident that reform will come to Kentucky sooner than later.


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